The half way break!

I’m currently chilling in Oslo airport on the way to New York (from Athens). This is just a quick connect the dots post between Post Tour and Athens. There should hopefully be a ridiculously pretty Greece post coming out soon, once I un-blow my mind enough to be able to write about it (or at least narrow down from the 300ish photos that passed the first edit).

At about the half way point I’d strategically planned a nice low key portion of the trip. First a week staying on in Switzerland with a friend, followed up by a weekend at my grandparents in Skipton (UK).

Given the views were this:
and this:
20170819_173814So it’s fair to say it was a pretty good way to recover.

Switzerland had it’s fair share of epic mountain hikes, and a day of canyoning to offset the restlessness from relaxation/catch-up-on-sleep-and-washing days. I even managed to sneak in some brownie baking, and a cheeky run.

Skipton, on the other hand, was a slightly more laid back affair, mostly spent ambling around town and catching up with my grandparents for the first time in a lot of year. I did still manage to make it as far as the Gordale Scar, and had a great picnic with Jaime and one of her Moot people on the Yorkshire Dales.