I thought this was a travel blog: June 2018 goal review

I don’t have anywhere else to post this. So you’re in luck. You get a goal review post!

I’ve never been that into explicit goal setting (which is weird because I like having almost everything else recorded), and then in January 2018 I went on a super inspirational RYLA course. Afterwards I set some goals. Then I reviewed those goals. Here’s the result of the most major review so far.

Goal20180611_140407s that stayed:

The first three are all around sleep/sleep hygiene. I’ve been finding early shifts at work way easier since setting an alarm and getting out of bed even on my off days. I was expecting just getting out of bed to make a decent sized impact after deciding on it at RYLA and it absolutely has.

Reviewing goals is just good practice, to make sure everything is still relevant. Being aware of gratitudes is something I’ve seen recommended in lots of places as a way to acknowledge your successes and be mindful of your situation. It’s been going well so far.

I’m NZ contingent leader for World Moot! Getting the big job is definitely only the first step in the process but it’s a step I’m stoked to have completed. I’m already working on plans going forward, specifically focused around marketing for Venture at the end of this year.

I’m hugely into leanfire and being financially independent. The finance goal is mostly here to keep me actively aware of my long term aspirations. The future is easy to ignore if we don’t bring it into focus every now and then.


Goals that went and the goals that replaced them:

I ditched my Tinder goal that was an attempt at new social interaction and putting myself out of my comfort zone. It wasn’t really serving the purpose it was intended to and I’ve decided instead on a goal around maintaining pre-existing relationships.

“Embrace Social Opportunities” is actually “Seriously consider saying yes to new social opportunities when they present themselves. Actively seek out ways to do new things with new people.” in it’s full form. Which is still a little non-specific, but I’m happy keeping it as more of a direction than a specific goal for now.

My balanced exercise goal was too loose and wasn’t resulting in actually doing anything. Hopefully the new exercise at work one will, I already have three types of exercise I do at work sometimes so this is a reminder to do at least one of those every shift rather than a start to anything new.

The “safely” part of my ultra was in jeopardy. I’m still nursing ankle issues and the more I look into it the more info I find telling me that ultra running especially at a young age isn’t actually a healthy decision.

I bought a new car and listed Clifford before the cut-off. I still haven’t sold Clifford but I’m happy to call the original goal complete as that’s more of a to-do than something I need to work hard or make change for.
Little Changes is a song by one of my favourite artists Frank Turner. The music video is amazing and learning the dance is a great way to exercise and challenge myself with something new.

I got my St George presented at Moot (also my BP award, I was super emotional).
The new goal is mostly around intentionality which is becoming more and more of a focus for me this year, as with a lot of these there’s a longer version in my goal review document but the idea is to do things (especially online things) on purpose rather than getting distracted and doing mindless timewasting (mindful timewasting is totally fine though, we all need to relax).

So that’s it. The latest rendition of my goals. I’ll even throw in a photo of the sunset in Phoenix as a thanks for making it this far.20170922_180024