Greece in Photos

So it’s been a wee while since my last update, mostly because I’ve been busy looking at all sorts of stupidly pretty things and having an absolutely amazing time (with not many breaks). This is also why this post comes to you in the form of captioned photos. Because writing an actual post would be way too hard.

First off though, let me set the scene. We arrived in Athens in the stinking hot late evening. We’d had the amazing offer to stay at a scout hall (yay Moot connections), but didn’t entirely know what sort of hall it would end up being. Our uber wasn’t super sure where it was, so we ended up getting dropped off and having to wander down the block looking for the right place. As we thought we were getting near we heard some chill music playing, and what sounded like a low key party going on outside. We (mostly Caitlin) went up and asked them if they knew where the hall was. Turns out they were scouts from that group who had just got back from a 12 day trip away, and within minutes we’d been shown where to drop our stuff, handed drinks, had pizza ordered, and were invited to join them to chill out and look at photos from their trip (on a casual outdoor tv running a slideshow). Basically Greek hospitality is amazing, and this set a really great tone for the rest of our week in Greece.

Norway in photos pt 2 – More Nord

Part one here

More photos from Nord below. I’m now a few days into the Topdeck tour of the Scandinavian Peninsula, but wifi for the last few days has been super unreliable. Check out the captions for a bit of info on how the second half of Nord went down.

Norway in photos pt 1 – Nord

Part two here


Vancouver was the first stop on my trip, Cas (one of my best friends who heartlessly abandoned NZ) and Rachel (their Canadian girlfriend) were nice enough to give Jaime and I a place to stay for the few nights we were there.

We just had a couple full days in Vancouver, so only really got into the surface of the city. Cas and their friend Sean gave us a recent(ish) immigrant’s tour of Vancouver on day one, before we headed to the beach to make the most of summer. Vancouver certainly impressed. I’m a bit of a sucker for views of mountains over water which there were plenty of, the public transport blows any in NZ out of the water (though that’s a slightly low bar), the weather was warm and sunny, and the town pretty easily walkable.

Day two we caught a train, a ferry, and some busses to Vancouver Island and again had a lovely sunny day to wander round and explore Victoria. The public transport was (still) amazing ($5 for a day pass for the busses!) Victoria even put on a show on the waterfront with some lovely folk music to make us feel at home (or maybe that was something to do with Canada turning 150..).

Let’s be real though, you’re mostly here to look at pretty things, so here’s some photos: