“The plan then, is to have a decent amount of empty space in my 60L pack.” – A younger and naiver me.

I am officially packed and ready to go! Clifford (my big red van) is loaded up. My two rooms (#justleakyroofthings) are emptied and vacuumed. Flatmates have been farewelled and food mostly polished off. Now I’ve just got to pass the time until there’s any point whatsoever in even thinking about heading to the airport.

My bag weighed in at 23kg exactly. I’ve got a 20kg limit for some of the later flights, but I’m taking a 2kg laptop to Vancouver (first stop) for a friend, so I’ve only got to find a kilo somewhere, and absolute worst case I can devour some of the 1.2kgs of pineapple lumps I’ve packed. I eventually decided to take my scout blanket with me. I’m not super worried about the hassle of carrying it, but there’s no way it fits in my baggage allowance unless you count it as clothing (I totally do). I’m pretty much just hoping airlines don’t care too much about carry on as long as it looks vaguely reasonable.

This is the closest I got to the iconic travel blogger photo
Everything totally fits

Packing everything I’m not taking into Clifford was a bit less of an issue, I’d already dropped my desk and chair at work, which took me from probably being able to fit to having plenty of space.

95% of the things I own are in this photo #minimalistgoals #helpstonotownabed


Author: Tom H

Usually found in New Zealand, currently found infrequently.

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